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Because Some Things Are Just Too Important
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At Ferrara IT, we understand exactly how important technology is to what you're doing every day. Not only is it your best chance at creating a competitive advantage for yourself in an admittedly crowded marketplace, but it's also essential to bring your firm into the 21st century where it belongs. This is why, whether you're looking to overhaul your business applications, are looking for something like a virtual CTO to improve your bottom line, are very concerned about cyber security or all of the above, you just found the partner in technology that you've been desperately looking for. As a law firm, your own clients expect an incredibly fast turnaround - which means that downtime is something you cannot afford. Not only will it cause tremendous stress on your employees who now have more work piled on their desks during already busy days, but it also damages your reputation and your cause. This is why we work hard to guarantee maximum uptime all day, every day, no exceptions.

IT Support Your Way, Any Way, Absolutely No Exceptions
  • Worldwide spending on public cloud services is predicted to hit $141 billion by as soon as 2019.

  • We continue to work with your firm on a regular basis, guaranteeing maximum visibility into your IT environment.

  • All services are included per user, per month - we include EVERYTHING except any client purchased software or hardware that you may be using.

  • Every day, we back up hundreds of gigabytes to our own secure servers - meaning that your case files and other important documents will always be protected.

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"A Better Way" Has Finally Arrived
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Every day, massive volumes of sensitive and confidential information work their way through your firm. We'll help make sure that it stays protected, no matter what.

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Unburden yourself from the restrictions of aging hardware, all while guaranteeing a new level of productivity, collaboration and communication.

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Even if your law firm does suffer from some type of disaster, we can have you back up and running again in as little as one hour.

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Between our 24/7 monitoring, real-time patching, on-site security training and more, we'll make sure both that you have the tools necessary to stay compliant and secure and that your employees know how to make the most of them.

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Even if your law firm burns to the ground, our daily backups and related services can help make sure you don't lose so much as a kilobyte of data.


Your Tech, Your Way, No Exceptions
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At Ferrara IT, we have years of experience working with law firms all throughout Philadelphia and the tri-state area - which means that we have an intimate understanding of not only what you want to accomplish, but what you're going through on a daily basis. We understand how concerned you are with meeting or exceeding compliance standards set by the American Bar Association, for example - which is why we have processes and procedures in place to help address these concerns head on. Not only do we have experience with the implementation and migration of your compliant systems to your new infrastructure, but we also work closely with many different types of document and case management systems as well.

We also understand that as a law firm, you're in a unique position to benefit from the virtual CTO services that we offer - which are always available along with compliance, security and other solutions in a complete managed services package. But more than anything else, we educate and communicate - we have a dedicated Help Desk team in Pennsylvania that, when combined with our senior IT staff, allow you to finally grow your firm in the way you've always wanted today, tomorrow, a decade from now and beyond.

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Schedule A Getting-To-Know-You Call

All of this is to say that if you're a law firm operating in Philadelphia or elsewhere in the tri-state area, it is absolutely in your own best interest to pick up the phone and give us a call today. Doing so will also give us a unique opportunity to really get to know your business in an almost stunning level of detail. We'll get a much more vivid picture of your current IT infrastructure, which puts us in a position to support everything that is working and, more critically, fix what isn't as soon as possible.

Give us a call at (800) 206-5417 or simply click the button below and we'll find a time to connect.
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We service the following area(s): Philadelphia, Blue Bell, Ft. Washington, Cherry Hill, Woodbury and the following counties: Berks County, PA, Bucks County, PA, Burlington County, NJ, Camden County, NJ, Chester County, PA, Cumberland County, NJ, Delaware County, PA, Glouchester County, NJ, Lancaster County, PA, Lehigh County, PA, Mercer County, NJ, Middlesex County, NJ, Montgomery County, PA, Northampton County, PA, Philadelphia County, PA, Salem County, NJ.