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How It All Began
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Ferrara IT was founded in 2012 with the goal of providing customized technology solutions for SMBs, a market that was largely underserved by most IT providers. In most cases, small IT companies provide reactive support and offer limited to no strategic insights. Larger IT companies provide more advanced solutions, but clients often experience slower less personal support. We wanted to fill the gap by providing small and medium businesses ("SMBs") with comprehensive IT solutions that are uniquely designed for their businesses while also delivering the high touch service they deserve.

Instead of providing pre-packaged solutions like many of our competitors do, we have found that the best way to provide IT services is to first understand our customers’ businesses and their unique goals. From there, we build a customized IT plan designed to help protect and grow their businesses. From improving workflow processes to managing all technology related vendors, we save our clients hundreds of hours in productivity and administration each year. As an IT company, we continuously monitor all computers, servers, networks, and security 24x7. Thanks to our advanced monitoring, we can quickly detect and correct problems proactively before they impact our customers.


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We use remote monitoring & management to detect and correct problems proactively before they impact your business.

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We implement technology to improve business operations and enable growth while protecting your business against cybersecurity threats. 

We have your best interest in mind.  We take responsibility for your IT planning and operations and relentlessly follow-through as a true partner. 
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Getting help should be easy. No more waiting days or weeks for an issue to be resolved. Our certified PA-based team is here to help within minutes via chat or phone.

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At Ferrara IT, we believe having the right core values is critical to our success as a company. Every day, we live by our core values: Communication, Integrity, Dedication, and Innovation.

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Be responsive, respectful, and patient. Provide realistic timelines, expectations, and speak truthfully.

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Be honest and accountable. We own up to mistakes and commit to making things right.

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Be exceptional. Make the effort to fully resolve issues the first time rather than providing workarounds.

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Continuously learn new technology, tools, and look for ways to improve client experience and our internal processes.


A Client's Recent Onboarding Experience
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"Our public relations agency, Kimball Hughes Public Relations, handles communications and crisis issues for a range of businesses and non-profits across the U.S. and in Canada. About two years ago, we began to realize our do-it-yourself approach to IT no longer worked.

After several failures with "break-fix" IT providers, we began searching for someone who could truly partner with us. We had grown too much and gotten too busy in the past few years to go it alone on our information and tech support needs. We needed someone who could step in, understand our needs, and take the burden of IT management off our hands without giving up control of our tech. After a careful search and reading some wonderful reviews about Ferrara IT, we met with Frank Ferrara.

What impressed our team the most - after speaking with a number of IT service companies - was that Frank listened. He didn't immediately tell us what we needed. He asked questions. He listened to our concerns, our IT war stories, and our frustrations with the tech support we had received over the years. In truth, Frank offered us a bit of free IT therapy that day. He also did his homework long before he made any recommendations. When he came back to us with a proposal, it was evident he heard our concerns, factored them into his thinking, and offered the first truly customized IT services proposal I've ever seen. It was a solution that addressed our needs rather than simply serving as a one-size-fits-all solution. And more importantly, it laid out a plan to help us navigate our tech future as well.

We've been working with Ferrara IT for a few months now. They have installed our new hardware, helped improve our data security, ensured all our staff members are aware of and comfortable with the IT infrastructure and improvements they have made and responded to all manner of technology and software situations we've thrown at them. They even helped us convert our office to a whole new VOIP phone system that has been an impressive success. Frank and his support team are always available, always helpful and friendly, and quick to respond.

Hiring Ferrara IT is likely the best management decision I've made in 2018. The pressure is off of our staff to solve every tech issue, and we have a well-informed, diligent support team we now turn to with Frank and his team. It's made a tremendous difference in how we operate as a company.

For 20 years, I've worked in office environments and interacted with dozens of IT professionals. Many of these folks were outstanding at their jobs. Frank Ferrara, however, stands apart. His calm demeanor, humility, and willingness to explore an issue before offering a solution is an ideal match for those of us accustomed to the stereotypical IT personality. He approaches his clients with respect and as a partner invested in their success.

We look forward to working with Ferrara IT for many years."

ROD HUGHES, Kimball Hughes Public Relations

Philadelphia, Pensylvania


The Ferrara IT Story
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When I was 12, my father and I went to visit a law firm and it just so happened that while I was there, they were having a reoccurring problem with their computers.  Their IT Engineer had been investigating the problem for over a week, but after spending a few minutes looking at their system, I realized I could fix the issue.  After fixing the problem, the Managing Partner of the firm offered me a job to work with their IT team during my school breaks.  That was how I got my start in IT, but more than that, that's where my love affair with technology began.

I continued to pursue my interest in IT by obtaining a degree in Decision and Systems Sciences at Saint Joseph’s University.  After graduation, I worked for nearly 10 years at a variety of IT Managed Services firms in the Philadelphia area.  When I realized how underserved the SMB market was, I founded Ferrara IT Services in 2012 to fill that gap. In the little spare time I have, I enjoy golfing and competing in auto racing.  In my opinion, IT isn’t the only thing that should be fast!  I am a resident of Blue Bell, PA, where I live with my beautiful wife and Goldendoodle.

Signature of Frank Ferrara

President, Ferrara IT