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Your Trusted IT Partner
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At Ferrara IT, we offer a number of one time project and consulting services. Below are a list of projects we offer:


Enabling Growth Through Technology
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It is very easy to be consumed by the day to day operations of your business. Often, we find that strategic IT planning is not a priority for business owners/ leaders.

Technology is a powerful tool that can enable businesses to grow and scale. On the other hand, companies can also be crippled by the misuse of technology. Without an IT strategy and roadmap, it is difficult to ensure your IT spend aligns with your business goals. Important considerations when developing an IT strategy includes understanding/ developing:

  • Long term business goals

  • Business workflow

  • Equipment replacement cycles

  • IT stack review

  • End management requirements

  • IT security and compliance requirements

Our IT consulting service can add tremendous value to your business.  We quickly analyze your organization's operations, develop IT strategy, and recommend short term and long term initiatives to achieve your goals. Best of all, we also have an experienced team of IT professionals that can complete those initiatives.

Give us a call today to discuss your business needs and how we may be able to help!


Exceptional Solution, Price & Execution For Your Upgrade
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Workstation and Server Upgrade Solutions

Depending on the use case, it is typically recommended that Workstations and Servers be replaced every 3-5 years. Using equipment past its useful life can result in slowness, unexpected downtime and negatively impact your business. We will evaluate your current workstations which include desktops, laptops, thin clients, and servers and provide a comprehensive replacement plan for your end of life equipment.  Our process begins with an on-site survey, so we can fully document your existing environment as well as your goals. From there, our business and technical consultants will prepare a detailed upgrade plan, complete with specific hardware recommendations and cost estimates.  This process will help you better understand, prepare and budget for future technology upgrades. When you are ready to get started, we will be there complete your upgrade during after hours to ensure your business experiences little to no interruption.


We Will Help You Get The Most From Your Upgrade
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Virtualization can be used to improve overall flexibility, ease of management, and add redundancy to your environment. Virtualization is a beneficial technology that requires specialized expertise to properly plan and implement. Although virtualization isn’t best for every situation, when implemented in the right areas, it can be a powerful and cost saving tool. Whether you are interested in VDI or virtualization using Hyper VV or VMware, we can help design the right solution to meet your needs.


The Cloud Is Here. Embrace The Cloud.
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Cloud Migration Support

The cloud allows for remote access and storage of data and applications using Web-based resources, rather than requiring physical appliances or redundancy mediums like tape or disk. The concept of cloud computing and software-as-a-service applies to a growing variety of IT-related services today: application delivery, remote access technology, email, e-commerce, hosting and more. There are a number of benefits that the cloud can offer to businesses, particularly in the SMB space. Leveraging the cloud can help your business keep up with the latest technologies, scale more easily, increase employee collaboration, and reduce IT hardware and maintenance costs.  

Whether you would like us to conduct the entire migration, or work hand in hand with your internal staff, our engineers will ensure your cloud migration is well planned and executed.  We have tackled hundreds of migrations and have the experience to anticipate and avoid potential issues, while ensuring your new cloud solution integrates with your existing software and processes.


Protecting Your Most Important Asset
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Whether your business has long term archiving requirements, or needs to be back up and running in less than 1 hour following a complete disaster, we have you covered.  Our Backup and Disaster Recovery solution is a complete, end-to-end business continuity offering designed to provide you with true peace of mind and robust data protection.  Your critical files will always be secure and accessible when you need them, even if disaster strikes. Whether you can’t afford to lose a single file on any computer, or you need a complete cloud based recovery option in case of complete site failure, we have you covered.  As with all engagements, we will ensure we understand your business processes and risks to ensure that all possible scenarios are discussed and planned for.


Improving Your Network Speed & Reliability
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Network Design & Upgrade Experts

Many business owners choose to use their existing equipment for as long as possible, with the common misconception that by using equipment longer, they are saving money. The reality, however, is is just the opposite: a network upgrade can save your business money.

Implementing a network that properly scales with your business is critically important.  Our technical engineers and business consultants work together to design networks for our clients using the right balance of solutions to meet their specific needs.  We follow our proven process of first understanding the short and long-term goals of your company before we recommend any solutions.

We conduct a deep dive to understand your workflow to ensure your new network is properly secured and protected. By doing so, we are able to design more flexible and agile networks, that offer the performance, security, and reliability your business depends on.

IT Security Training

Your Employees Are Your Best Line Of Defense
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Let’s face it, simply installing Antivirus software isn’t enough to protect your company.  One of the best security investments you can make to protect your business data, is to educate your staff.  Whether you are looking for a one-time presentation or ongoing security services, we are there to help ensure your staff are empowered and ready to face the latest security threats.  We educate your staff about common security threats including social engineering, baiting, phishing, smishing, etc.


You Don't Have Do It All Alone
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Office Move IT Support

Managing office moves and renovations can be a daunting task.  Proper strategic planning with realistic timelines will ensure your server and work areas are prepared with the necessary power and connectivity. There are many IT considerations when planning an office move. 

Our work begins with planning - long before we physically move any equipment. We will oversee all IT related technology vendors including internet, wiring, copier, alarm, CCTV, etc. so all of your technology solutions work cohesively in your new space.  We all know that it is often cheaper to do it right the first time. If you have an upcoming move, give us a call to discuss how we can help ensure a smooth transition.


Protect Your Business Against Cybercriminals
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Cybersecurity is a topic of increasing importance especially for small and medium businesses.  Cyber criminals often target SMBs as a gateway to gain access to the larger more lucrative companies they work with.  The first step to protecting your company is to begin a discovery process to identify your compliance requirements.

Our security assessment begins by helping you identify which compliance regulations actually apply to your business.  Next, we will work with you to conduct an informational asset inventory to document what confidential and regulated data you possess.  At the same time, it’s important to consider key factors in developing a strategy to protect your business including:

  • What is the value of the data you possess?

  • How much does an hour of downtime cost your company?

  • What is the financial and reputational impact to your business if your protected data is breached?

Based on the information uncovered we will then perform a custom IT security assessment based on what your company truly needs not simply a canned security scan.  During our security assessment (which may include internal vulnerability scans, advanced network monitoring, social engineering and phishing testing, external penetration testing, baiting, etc.) all of which are geared towards the unique security challenges faced by your organization.


If you would like to learn more or discuss a specific project, please give us a call.

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