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Unified Communications Solutions For Your Business
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Businesses today need technology solutions that help improve communications, while driving productivity across the business. They also want a reliable, high quality unified communications system that simply works. With your business in a constant state of change, you need a solution that is easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to expand. Today, transforming your phone system is simple and cost effective, regardless of your business—whether you have five employees or fifty.

Through our hosted phone service, all businesses, big or small, gain the capabilities needed to support various devices, integrate with business applications, connect remote workers to the office, and streamline communications with clients. Our platform adapts and adjusts to your needs, seamlessly working the way you need it to. That way, you can focus on your business, not your communications system.


Custom Designed And Managed For Your Business
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Desktop Phones - We offer enterprise class business phones that offers the optimum in ease-of-use and quality of user experience. The phones include fixed keys to support frequently used features - access to voice messages, call hold, redial previously dialed calls, and transfer a call. Based on your business requirements, we will help you choose the best phone for your business.

Unified Communications Client - The UC Client is a dynamic next-generation software application that enables you to manage your communications (chat, voice, voice mail, and video) easily and efficiently - all from your desktop computer or laptop. The client contains user friendly and fluid interfaces for chat, voice, and video communications in addition to a history of inbound and outbound calls and voice mail.

Mobile App - The app extends business lines directly to the mobile device (iOS or Android) to enable inbound and outbound calling from anywhere. Not only can employees make and receive calls placed to their corporate phone number via their mobile device, they can leverage important communication features, such as: (1) One click to join conference calls, (2) Extension dialing to co-workers, (3) Access to corporate and personal phone directories, (4) Access to company international long distance dialing plans, (5) Management of what device rings when someone calls their business number, (6) Listening to and managing voicemail, (7) Viewing and redialing recent calls or calls in an historical log, and (8) Managing virtual attendant settings.

Managed Services - As part of implementation, we work hand in hand with you to make sure all incoming calls are properly routed and call coverage is accurately configured. Most importantly, we provide comprehensive user training so that users are empowered and can operate effectively. Post-implementation, we perform frequent system audits to ensure your system continues to operate seamlessly.


Interactive Meeting Rooms With Purpose Built Systems
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We offer and support Lifesize purpose-built systems. From offices to huddle rooms to auditoriums, these systems are engineered to deliver the finest in audio and video quality and offer an unparalleled ease of use. They are designed to integrate with the latest in AV and presentation technologies and support various use cases. The systems are standards-based and designed to inter-operate with systems and services offered by a multitude of manufacturers and suppliers.

Modern Conference Room Solutions


Optimally Interact with Team and Clients
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Conference Room Phones

We design and integrate audio visual solutions ranging from simple meeting rooms, to a corporate boardroom or training facility integrated with state-of-the-art audio, voice, video with multiple cameras and media inputs, and presentation systems controlled by user friendly control and automation technology.

Our solutions are engineered to optimize collaboration between participants in standalone meeting spaces as well as workplaces outfitted with voice, video, and data sharing communications technologies that enable and enhance collaboration with participants in remote locations. Give us a call today to discuss your project!


Learn More About Our Managed Communications Solutions

If all of this sounds like exactly what you've been looking for, don't delay - contact Ferrara IT today. It'll allow us to collect information we need to put together the right solution for your business.

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