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3 Ways A Network Upgrade Can Save Your Business Money

As the owner of an IT Services company, I frequently have discussions with business owners about the slowness of their network.  In these conversations, I often learn that most of these companies have network equipment that is more than 3-5 years old.  In many cases, instead of providing a quote to fix the existing network,…
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5 IT Considerations for Growth Oriented CEOs

As technology continues to evolve, many businesses find it difficult to balance between budget and growing IT infrastructure. From the surface, IT might seem like a growing expense, but that is not quite the whole truth. A solid IT infrastructure gives a business a foundation on which it can grow fast without losing efficiency.  In fact,…
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A Guide to Common Network Equipment for Business

An IT network consists not just of computing devices like servers and workstations, but also the equipment that connects everything together. It’s like the equipment in home networks, but there’s more of it and it needs to be higher quality. You want equipment that will keep running reliably, day after day. That means getting a higher class of devices than the usual ones for…
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